Get paid for referring your clients to Turnkey Property Pro!

How Agents Get Paid

…and, How Turnkey Property Pro Protects Your Clients:

We invite Agents with an active U.S. real estate license to join Turnkey Property Pro’s Referral Agent Network at no charge! We pay a referral fee to you every time one of your buyers closes on a property. We closely track every client you refer so that you get paid every time they close. We sign a legally binding Referral Fee (and Non-Circumvent) Agreement with you so that your clients always remain your clients and you get paid for anything they buy through Turnkey Property Pro.

How You Can Use Our Referral Network to Exponentially Increase Your Closings

Once you have joined our Referral Agent Network, you can introduce your clients to us with confidence, giving them access to off-market, fully turnkey investment properties in key, investor-advantaged markets, and make a full 4% for every closing on every property that your clients purchase. And we do all the “heavy lifting”!

You are able to allow your clients to work directly with the developer to insure their specific buying criteria is being met and satisfied. Turnkey is all we do, therefore, we help your clients to buy more easily, buy more frequently, and we are always available to assist and support them through the acquisition process.

As their Agent, you will be able to track their purchases and the process on your Agent Portal online. Your clients will always have this special access to unlisted deals, often purchasing BELOW MARKET VALUE!

Enjoy above average fees for referring your clients to us while we do the selling!

Click Here to join the Turnkey Property Pro Referral Network today at NO charge. Take your real estate game to the next level!

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