How It Works

Turnkey Property Pro is a real estate development company built by investors, for investors. Our Executives have over 50 years of collective experience in real estate development, rehabilitation, and property management.

Finding your property

We conduct an extensive survey of the market to find the best available investment properties. We acquire properties through brokers, wholesalers, auctions, bank foreclosures, short sales, and tax sales.

Turnkey Property Pro will work with you to identify what your long-term goals are, and find the best available properties to meet your criteria. We then walk you through the entire process of purchasing the property, including helping you set up your own LLC. Our properties have low purchase price points, high cash flow, and possibilities for future appreciation.

Give us a call today to discuss your investment goals and let Turnkey Property Pro find you a great investment property!

The BRRR Model

The BRRRR Method is an effective strategy used by real estate investors to spur tremendous growth in their investment portfolios. This is the BUY, RENOVATE, RENT, REFINANCE and REPEAT model. If done correctly, the BRRRR Method can help you quickly grow your real estate business in a just a few years.

Most of our investors follow the BRRRR method of buying real estate and building their portfolios. Our business concepts and practices are specifically designed to fit this model. Turnkey Property Pro sells its properties at discount-to-market price points to allow our investors to recycle their capital to purchase additional properties and build their portfolios at an accelerated rate.

Please contact us to find learn how this process works and how it can help you grow your investment.

Investing In Turnkey Properties

Our goal is to help investors locate the best available properties at discount-to-market prices.

Then, we renovate the property, find qualified tenants, and manage the property long-term. This enables our clients to get maximum value on their investment without the day-to-day management responsibilities. Take a look at our investment properties.


Once the rehab project is complete, we will put the property on the market. Turnkey Property Pro makes it a priority to find the best-qualified tenants to occupy the property. Part of the process also includes conducting extensive background investigations on all potential renters. Once your property has a tenant, the property will be transferred to our property management team. You will receive rent and a monthly statement on the property.

Turnkey Property Pro provides superior customer service in managing your property. Our attention to detail and quality control are unmatched within the industry. We manage over 1000 properties in Philadelphia and over 300 in Baltimore.


Turnkey Property Pro provides several construction guarantees, including completion of rehab/construction projects within 150 days of purchase. On the 151st day, you automatically begin collecting rent. The 151 days allows for time to cover any construction delay and time to find tenants.

We also guarantee our construction will remain within budget. When you buy a property with us, Turnkey Property Pro adheres to strict guidelines to ensure we properly budget costs and expenses. We will not come back to you for more money if the rehab goes over budget.

A typical rehab consists of demolition of the property, installing new electric, plumbing and full HVAC. We install new drywall, kitchens, bathrooms, floors and roofing. This minimizes maintenance in the first few years of leasing.

Looking For
1031 Exchange Info?

Look no further. We have done the research so you don't have to. We know how daunting the steps may be, so we acquire the necessary information for you and help you get started with your investment.
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