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In 2018, the total value of the U.S. housing market increased $1.9 trillion, a 6.2% increase since 2012, according to new data from Zillow.

While clearly there is still money to be made through smart real estate investing – and plenty of investors are making it – the industry as a whole is rapidly changing, becoming increasingly cluttered and complex. After years of steady growth and low interest rates, mitigating risk remains crucial to investment success – especially in the face of new technology, generational and demographic changes and inventory competition. And cash flow and mortgage rates aren’t the only obstacles – real estate investments require not only financial investment, but a significant investment of human capital, even when the investor is not taking on “fix and flip” tasks or landlord responsibilities.

In-depth market-level knowledge is also key. This requires keeping a relentless pulse on financial trends –including changes in consumer spending habits, mortgage rates, the unemployment rate, and financial industry performance.

Many of today’s investors recognize these factors, and as a result, are looking for ways to transition their real estate investments into more “passive” revenue streams. They are learning how to mitigate the considerable time investments often associated with a successful real estate business. Newer investors want to take advantage of market opportunities, attracted to the financial potential, yet recognize their lack of expertise. While it is certainly possible to find, acquire and manage your real estate as a sole investor, there are alternatives to this model that can help maximize your investment dollars while minimizing the amount of time needed to do so.

Turnkey Property Pro is a real estate development company built by investors, for investors. With over 50 years of collective experience in real estate development, rehabilitation, and property management, their expertise in the investing arena gives clients a competitive edge. Their robust approach generates financial growth for their clients, without the significant challenges associated with approaching the market alone.

Their tool box and methods can work for a multitude of different investor types. Through extensive market-level research, they are able to identify the best available properties and acquire them through their established network of brokers, wholesalers, auctions, bank foreclosures, short sales, and tax sales.

Their expertise in leveraging the highly effective BRRRR Model for their client base creates property opportunities with low purchase price points, high cash flow, and long term financial growth potential. The BRRRR Method – buy, renovate, rent, finance, repeat – is a highly effective strategy that can spur tremendous growth in their investment portfolios. If done correctly, the BRRRR Method can significantly accelerate your growth rate to just a few years.

Turnkey Property Pro’s business model was specifically designed to support the BRRRR model. Turnkey Property Pro sells its properties at discount-to-market price points to enable their investors to recycle their capital to purchase additional properties and build their portfolios at an accelerated rate.

Understanding the challenges associated with the real estate investing market, Turnkey Property Pro has the capabilities, infrastructure and in house expertise to handle as much of the investment as desired by the investor – with the ability to manage the entire lifecycle of the investment process – including acquisition, construction management, tenant placement and property management.

They also offer construction and maintenance guarantees, further mitigating many of the risks and uncertainties associated with managing real estate investments alone.
Whether you are just starting to explore making your first real estate investment, or you are a seasoned investor, Turnkey Property Pro’s goal is to help you maximize your financial opportunities.

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