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About Oliver Somoza

Oliver Somoza started developing his real estate instincts at an early age, receiving his real estate license at 18 years old and jumping into the fast-paced world of New York City apartment rentals. His hard work and drive soon caught the eye of a prominent NYC real estate attorney, and Oliver began working for the firm representing some of the city’s most successful real estate moguls.

The connections he made in real estate development soon led him to become interested in development, and so he began the next phase of his career. Partnering with some of New York’s young developers allowed Oliver to understand the importance of having construction and property management knowledge when developing properties. His experience in New York City also taught him that real estate investment shouldn’t be limited to the super-wealthy, and he aimed to find ways to make it more accessible.

In partnership with his sister Gabriella, Oliver began exploring development opportunities in Philadelphia and Baltimore, where there were neighborhoods in decline ripe for revitalization. His approach has always focused on helping improve areas by fixing blight, repairing or rebuilding declining properties and creating affordable housing. Soon, the successful development projects in these cities caught the attention of other aspiring investors who wanted his guidance on building their own portfolios.

Oliver created Turnkey Property Pro to help everyday people find success in real estate investment. His passion for doing good through development has enabled Turnkey to bring new life to properties and neighborhoods. His keen eye allows him to spot potential opportunities and, with his background and connections in construction and property management, he is able to develop properties with tighter timeframes and budgets, maximizing investor profits while serving communities. Turnkey now boasts its own portfolio of hundreds of properties as well as properties it has developed for its investors.


About Thomas Rozkowski

Thomas was born and raised in New York City. After attending The Dwight School in Manhattan, he went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs at The George Washington University in Washington D.C.

Thomas started his career as a Financial advisor with The Maxim Group in New York City. After the first year and half in the financial services field he realized his real passion: Real Estate. He went on to buy his first investment property in Philadelphia and the adventure began. He has now successfully managed the construction of over 100 buildings in the cities of Philadelphia and Baltimore. His expertise covers acquisition, renovation, tenant placement and property management of investment property.

Thomas speaks both Polish and German. He has traveled all over the world and is eager to share his real estate expertise with international clients.

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