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Below you will see some examples of some of our completed property renovations. Turnkey Property Pro offers three levels of finishes you can choose for your investment property. We recommend a certain scope of renovation based on the city/neighborhood of the property.

  • High-end Renovations

    High-end renovations include full gut rehab of a property down to the studs where everything in the property is completely renovated with high-end materials. These renovations include complete demolition of the properties, new: beams, subfloors, roof, plumbing, electric, full central air, bathrooms, kitchens and floors. Basically, everything in the property is completely renovated. We typically recommend this type of renovation in neighborhoods that are going up very quickly in value. These are also flip quality renovations.

  • Mid-grade Renovations

    Midgrade renovations are typically full gut rehabs like high-end renovations where you are still gutting the property and doing everything new but the grade of finishes is one step below a total high-end finish. In these properties, you will have gas forced air instead of full central air HVAC system and the kitchens, bathrooms and floors will be one grade level higher than our basic renovations and one step below our high-end renovations.

  • Basic Renovations / Maintenance Style Renovations

    Our basic level renovation or maintenance style renovation we recommend when our investors purchase a property that does not need to be completely renovated. We make sure all the major facilities of the building are in good working order and put rental grade finishes in the property including rental grade floors and kitchens. These rehabs are the least expensive.

Our clients have the opportunity to select the grade of renovation we perform on their property but we will often recommend the type of renovation that needs to be done to the specific property.

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